Thursday, May 10, 2012

Request for bittern sightings in Canterbury 2010-2012

Hi all - yes I am still working on bitterns- data sets are being analysed on a national level at present by myself and I understand DOC- so to all who contributed sightings up to 2010- thanks . I will be releasing some informal reports this year and am working on a scientific paper on an analysis of bittern mortality-injury records in New Zealand.DOC updated their web page last year with a threatened species profile on bittern which Colin O'Donnell and myself contributed to - about time given the Nationally Threatened status of the species! At present I am keen on any bittern records ( not already sunmitted to me) from Canterbury in the last two years ( back to June 2010) for a research report I am working on at present. All sightings will be acknowledged. Thanks Peter

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