Friday, May 28, 2010

Auckland bittern summary

Hi all- I will put up a summary of information on the status of bittern in the Auckland region soon.

Always keen on any sightings- hope to keep the national bittern database going.

Bittern are to our wetlands what kakapo are to our forests- Imagine the time when bittern and kakapo boomed side by side- in the not too distant past.

Bittern in flight

Another photo from Te Waihora region. Cool birds. Great weather for a bittern at moment.

Keen for any recent sightings.
Please email to me :

Kind regards

Bittern still alive and booming in O Tu Wharekai

"Bittern booming at Maori Lakes in April - on automatic recorder - YeeeHaaa!"
Comment from Colin O'Donnell. Thanks Stuart for putting out the automatic recorders.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Booming bittern finally filmed

OK- the Eurasian bittern- but still interesting footage. Quite a different booming call from the Australasian bittern-
Thanks George for link.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bittern sighted just north of Whangarei

Thanks for the photo June. This really shows that bitterns like diverse habitats- eco-tones. They certainly stand out in green "reed beds". Bird sighted a few days ago.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bittern talks and a few comments

I will be giving a presentation about bitterns to South Auckland OSNZ on 11 May and at ECan on 21 May- will post details tomorrow.

Hopefully no bitterns got shot during the opening of the duck-shooting season over the weekend.

Sadly I received a report of a bittern shot last year by duck shooters in the Northland Region.

I am keen to spotlight locations of high importance to bittern and to increase awareness of the birds' plight.

The drought in Northland appears to have concentrated bitterns and good numbers of birds have been sighted up there in the last month or so.

Keep an eye out as bitterns can turn up anywhere at this time of year.

Kind regards

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bittern photo available as postcard

Bittern postcard available- The image of a bittern in flight is available as a 6x 4 print on a card with envelope- available for $3 each. Minimum order is three. Plus $1.00 postage.If interested please email me your address and I will post out. all funds go towards researching bittern conservation in NZ.Email-

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Extinct bittern !!!!

The NZ little bittern is considered extinct- a reminder of how vulnerable our cryptic wetland birds are to processes that have affected and caused extinction amongst our forest birds.
specimen photographed on display at the Otago Museum.

Bittern talk given in Otago

Hi fellow bitterners- gave a talk on bittern conservation to 25 members of the Otago OSNZ last Wednesday. It is good to hear that bitterns have been heard booming from the Waihola/Sinclair wetland area over the 2009-2010 breeding season. Thanks for the report Graeme.