Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bittern -Kaimaumau wetland concerns

[BIRDING-NZ] Bittern Kaimaumau wetland
Kevin Matthews - November 2010
Hi All,

Bittern seen flying late morning yesterday within the Kaimaumau wetlands,
Far North. This is an unusual time to see one flying and the concern is the
wetland vandal on the digger probably interrupted its breeding season. DOC
and the Northland Regional Council have been involved in bringing works to a
stop but that cannot undo damage done in these fragile environments. If it
weren't for vigilant members of the public the damage could've been far
worse. Northland has less than five percent of its wetlands left and they
can ill afford the unrelenting discretion by ignorant machine operators and
those they work for.

Cheers Kevin

Extract from Birding -NZ-

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  1. I share your concern for bitterns. Do you think the demise of the Australian green bell frog has a lot to do with their decline. I used to live in the eastern Bay of Plenty - 20 years ago there were a good many to be found in the farm drains - bitterns and frogs. Now those drains are by and large dead.