Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bittern foot print

Note- length of hind claw ( voice recorder is 10 cm in lenght)- so an impressive footprint. Found deep insidea raupo bed in the Lake Ellesmere region on 22 august 2010. So next time you are around any wetlands have a look for this type of print. Perhaps a useful way, at times, of monitoring the presence of bittern.


  1. We saw some like those in Okarito and thought they were pukeko. How do the two compare? Do you know how long a pukekos toes are? (Shorter, I'd guess). Alas, we didn't measure them so I can't say now if they were pukeko or bittern. It was right by a pond just over from the estuary beach, which had a lot of raupo and I heard frogs croaking in it.

  2. Hi LK - Pukekos have a much shorter hind claw ( in proprtion to their front claw, and in overall size). I have a dead pukeko in my freezer so will measure foot dimensions and post as a comparison. I would be confident from the site details that the bird was most likely a bittern. Okarito Lagoon is a stronghold for the birds on the central section of the West Coast. Thanks for comment. If an open environment kotuku would need to be considered.